In version 1.1, the following new features were introduced...

  • Question listing by tag: See questions in a given tag
  • Tag searching: See all the tags on your Stack Exchange sites, and search through them to find questions that interest you
  • Mathematics rendering support for mathematical StackExchange sites: Have LaTeX markup rendered as beautiful mathematics during question viewing
  • A more detailed view of question information: See favorite counts, view counts, as well as locked and community wiki annotations
  • We now have a shiny new icon that is significantly better than the old programmer art

The following bugs were also squashed...

  • Slow scrolling in site selection interface
  • Wrong activity times being displayed on some questions
  • Support request button does nothing
  • Viewing user recent reputation changes loaded incorrect posts
  • Miscellaneous UI rendering errors

Upcoming versions

As of version 1.2, there will be two versions of Six to Eight. The current version will remain supported, updated, and free. A new version, Six to Eight Enthusiast Edition will be released. Features for this version will be announced soon.