The Stack Exchange community is all about sharing knowledge. We post our questions, and share our expertise. Part of this spirit should extend into software built on the Stack Exchange platform, as in effect, it's built on the Stack Exchange communities themselves.

For now, the complete application is not open source. Mostly, this is because it contains code that I might wish to reuse in future commercial projects. However, there are large chunks of the project I'd like to share with the community. They not the best code examples in the universe, but they do work, and you might find them useful.


CoreStack is the Objective-C 2.0 wrapper around the Stack Exchange 2.0 platform. It provides API access with an eye to both concurrent yet UI aware operations (so your user interface remains responsive), and state persistence (so you can easily save the state of your application when it quits). It has a low memory footprint, and supports both iPhone OS 3.1 (or newer) and Mac OS X 10.5 (or newer).

Platform features supported

StackAuth StackAuth associations
Questions Answers
Users Statistics
Revisions Search
Timelines Free tags

The library has evolved to meet the needs of SixToEight, so features that are not yet exercised by the application may not have been tested as much as I'd like. There are a few unit tests in the package, and one thing that clearly needs doing is to complete this set.

It's released under the MIT License. Basically, you're free to use this code for anything you like - commercial, or non-commercial. You don't even have to acknowledge me, or share your changes.

See the code on Github!

Blog articles

I'm writing a handful of blog posts that describe the development process, focusing on using the Stack Exchange API. Have a look at the blog page!

Utility code (coming soon)

  • SOF Style Date formatting category (.m / .h)
  • Mass URL data downloader (.m / .h)