The StackOverflow V2 API is currently in testing. SixToEight 2.0 will be released to support this in the (hopefully) not to distant future, including shiny new features like Push Notifications and a better question and user UI.

Version 1.1 has been released! Download or upgrade now at the App Store, and see what's new.

All the answers, in your pocket

Six to Eight is an iOS application for accessing sites in the Stack Exchange family. If you're a programmer, you've probably met at least one - Stack Overflow. As the family grows, you'll see the Stack Exchange platform powering communities covering cooking to statistical analysis. Six to Eight is a great way to access all your Stack Exchange sites, from Stack Overflow to Super User and everything between, on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Stack Exchange, everywhere

  • Track your user account and watch your reputation grow
  • View questions, answers, users, favorites, comments, and site statistics
  • Search all posted questions
  • Supports all Stack Exchange 2.0 sites, public or beta
  • Syntax highlighting for code
  • Makes full use of the new StackExchange API

Designed for iOS

  • Only availlable on iOS
  • Supports all iOS 4.1 devices
  • Responsive on iPhone 3G
  • High resolution art for Retina displays
  • At home on iOS - a UI you'll be familiar with
  • Full state persistence - quit and return to where you were
  • Any which way - usable in landscape and portrait