1. October 22nd: Version 1.1 is released! Upgrade or download now, and find out what's change at our what's new page!
  2. October 6th: Version 1.1, fixing various bugs, is nearly ready. It also adds tagging support - listing tags, searching tags and viewing all the questions with a given tag. Various bonus features have also been added, including MathJax TeX rendering support for the questions in the CS Theory and Math Stack Exchanges. I've also got a shiny new icon that looks approximately 1000% better. I'm hoping to polish the release off this week, so it should be in the App Store in the next fortnight.
  1. September 16th: Sincere apologies for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, I've been rather under the weather for the last few weeks. I hope to be back to development in a couple more!
  1. August 8th: If anyone has sent me e-mail in the last couple of days and it bounced, please accept my appologies. I was unexpectably away from any machines, and the e-mail server choose this weekend to die.
  2. August 4th: Yay! Six to Eight is now for "sale" in the App Store! Why not download it now?
  3. August 3rd: Still waiting for Apple to even look at the app - it's been "Waiting for review" for a week now. From other people who've recently submitted, I expect them to look at it within 72 hours. However, I am still sending out public release versions for anyone who doesn't want to wait.
  1. July 30th: Currently spending some time writing the tag filter search interface for v1.1. Flashy Core Animation effects ahoy! Still no news from Apple other than "Waiting for Review".
  2. Part two of "The development of Six to Eight", wherein I discuss the design of the site subscription UI, and how it turned out to be one of the most complex pieces of code in the app.
  3. Part one of "The development of Six to Eight", wherein I discuss the motiation behind the application and my core development goals.