What's the development status?

Six to Eight v1.1 is now in the App Store! Find out what's new in this release and about upcoming releases at our what's new page.

What does Six to Eight cost?

Nothing. There may be valued added additions in future releases that will be available as In App purchases (one planned is push notifications for your tracked users), but this is mostly a gift to the Stack Exchange community.

Who made Six to Eight?

That's me, Adam Wright! Research student and SOFer! You can find out a bit more on the contact page.

Why can't I vote, or post a question/answer?

The StackExchange API that provides Six to Eight with data currently gives only read access to the sites. When this changes, Six to Eight will allow voting, posting, editing and commenting.

Why don't you show closed, locked, migration and bountry status information for posts?

Six to Eight is focused on finding good answers to your questions, and tracking your user. As you can't currently create new answers, it seems to be a waste of limited UI space to show information that's only useful to people who want to post answers. However, I agree the app should show closure and migration information for questions of tracked users. This will be added in v1.1.

What's with the 12+ Age rating?

As Stack Exchange sites are still developing, and are community moderated, there is a possibility that some content not suitable for the very young may enter the system. I decided upon 12+ as a sensible age bracket that will likely cover everyone who wants to use the app, and ensure that inappropriate material won't end up in front of the very young without parental approval

Is this all? What about feature X?

No, certainly not. Six to Eight is not abandonware, and will continue to evolve. You can see what features are upcoming at our what's new page.

If there's something missing that you'd really love to see, please do contact me.

Do you support iPhone OS 3.1?

No. Six to Eight requires iOS 4.1. I decided to target iOS 4 because it contains a large number of bug fixes. However, extensive testing has been performed using an iPhone 3G to ensure the app is still responsive and usable, and Six to Eight does not require an iPhone 3GS or 4.

Will you support the iPad?

Absolutely. I'm a huge fan of the iPad, and am sure it will make a great device for Stack Exchange browsing. Designing a compelling user interface for the iPad is a very different challenge to designing an iPhone UI, and requires a separate development effort to the iPhone version. When Six to Eight iPhone is stable, development of the iPad version will begin.

What are the vital statistics?

If you're asking this question, I take it you arrived from Stack Overflow. Here are some facts:

  • Codebase: About 14,000 lines of Objective C and 14 serialised Interface Builder files.
  • Time taken: Various evenings and weekends over 4 months. I don't keep time sheets for "relaxing" programming, but over 100 hours were used.
  • Libraries used: Three excellent third party libraries were used: Stig Brautaset's excellent JSON framework, and the Google code prettify library. Mathematics rendering is provided by MathJAX. The icon silhouette is provided by Peter Wright.